Mother tongue. Italian. Writer. 9 books published so far, and a literary/linguistic background. I find writing intellectually exciting. I enjoy shades of meaning and of register more than chocolate. I find figures of speech sexy and grammar accuracy beautiful - but otherwise I lead a pretty normal life.

I have worked as content editor, copywriter, ghost writer, translator/localizer, journalist, food writer and I am still in awe of the bewitching power of language.To me, words have a color, a perfume, a texture; each one has its exact place in the sentence, like tiny glass tiles in an iridescent Byzantine mosaic.

It is their combination that creates the geometric poetry of a well written page, the harmonious beauty of a clear message.

However, I've been living between two worlds, images andwords. I find them both fascinating, either to entertain or to support the customer journey.

On one side, I pubblished several books and still work as content creator and copywriter.

On the other side, I've been exploring food styling and food design. I thoroughly enjoy using food to create beauty, amazement, surprise: the so called wow effect.

I'm into art, literature, rock music, perfumes and British humour.

I enjoy avocados, optimism, travelling light , andirony. I believe in doing my best. But above all, I believe in nurturing that wonderful spark we call creativity.

Here are my creative projects, here are my books, here is my blog, here are my contacts.